Private Security – An Overview of the Different Types of Services Offered by Most Security Firms

Private Security – An Overview of the Different Types of Services Offered by Most Security Firms

Private security is something that has been around for a very long time (in one form or another). Though we would like to think that we live in a world that allows for safety from personal harm, theft, or vandalism, the facts show us otherwise. Crime rates are higher than they have ever been and criminals are becoming much more daring and ruthless in their desperate attempts and private security hire

Heroic security guards stopped a woman from throwing herself off a bridge -  Manchester Evening News

There truly is a security service for virtually anything you would ever imagine. What I will do here is go over the major services that are offered by most private security firms.

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Starting from the top:

1. Personal Security

This service is typically used for celebrities, corporate executives, high profile individuals, and dignitaries. Personal security is geared toward protecting a single individual. In most cases, persons of this type are most interested in hiring armed security agents (A.K.A Body Guards)

2. Executive Security

Executive level security services are geared toward protecting a group of high profile individuals. Typically, executive protection services are employed by a group of corporate or business professionals who might be traveling overseas or entering into a potentially sticky situation.

3. Event Security

Event security is among the top level services provided by security firms. This service deals with providing extremely savvy protection agents to monitor and secure small to large events. These events can range from small business parties to large political speeches.

Here I have listed only the top 3 types of private security services available. Most firms are willing to tailor fit their services to meet your specific needs. Nearly all of the security firms across the world are well versed in a vast array of situations and most of these companies only hire off-duty (or retired) police officers and military personnel. The reason for this is that men who come from backgrounds such as these have been very well trained in the areas necessary to provide the absolute best security service possible.

It would come highly recommended for you to do your due diligence when looking to hire one of these agencies. As of late, the vast majority of these firms are available online and you can contact them for interviews.

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